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Are you Authentic?

It is amazing how so much time, money and effort is being spent on copying others, trying to live their life, be like them, and act like them. 

What ever happened to being the “unique you”?  Have you ever stopped to identify the strengths and talents that you so uniquely possess? 

It is time to get real, be authentic so that others will trust you more and want to associate with you. Pretending to be what you are not and who you are not is in my view a short lived journey that has no destination.

It is quite easy to be unauthentic without realizing it. From as simple as being a people pleaser to doing that which you don’t want to do but have decided you have to do it at all cost; to ultimately telling lies just to look good and say what you think others want to hear.

Being authentic does require huge boutss of being honest, sincere, trustworthy, reliable, responsible, and dependable. When you say it, you mean it, you don’t just do for others, you do because it is the right thing to do.

I have been around people who promise the world; say that they are going to deliver on their promise and no sooner have they said it, they themselves have forgotten about it. It can be quite embarrassing because when the D-day comes for what you are expecting, those same people act like they have no care in the world because they have broken their promise, unfortunately most times with no apology.     

How Authentic Are You?

(Click here to take the Authenticity Test – LEAD MAGNET)

In the working world, being authentic is key, at times it may be harsh if it involves life changing decisions to be made. It at times may require taking bold steps forward and a complete organizational change. A shakeup is good if it will get people on their toes; that is true authenticity namely “wake up & smell the coffee”.

Being authentic is a value you must strive to get or achieve. Being authentic cannot be purchased, it is built up and starts with you. Some people are comfortable being a fraudster and get a kick out of fooling other. 

My take on that is that everything bad has its consequences. The onus this year for you is to deliberately settle to be more of an authentic person has the rewards will always be huge.

Steps to Becoming an Authentic Person

Know You

It is time to identity the true you, by first recognizing your weaknesses. What would you like to improve on as a person? What can you capitalize on as one of your strengths? Begin to believe in the true you as others will not do that for you or worst still others will pretend deceitfully to just to make you feel good.

Appreciate You

You are your own ambassador; today begin to have value for who you are, no matter your height, color, age, flaws or faults. To move to the next level is to be appreciative of who you are, knowing fully well you can only get and be better, all you have to do is work at it.

Do not hide

Be open with your thoughts, your feelings and your opinions. Be unapologetically proud of you but not over bearing to others. Say what you mean in a polite manner recognizing others around you and the impact of your words. Value your contributions during gatherings; learn from others around you; step up your game always. Avoid hiding your opinions just to save your face, be bold to voice out if you think you need to, you may not just like the repercussions.

Being that authentic person is a value add to you that influences your personality, directs your character and determines your approachability. This is the concluding part of steps to being an authentic person. Read on:

Be responsible for your mistakes

Mistakes will always come, hopefully they are learning curves to address issues and see them in a different light. Take responsibility for the things you did right and those you unfortunately did wrong. This is the time to swallow your pride, pack your ego to one corner and knock that chip off your shoulder. Walk Tall; Walk Well! Be blameless, do not accuse but own up where you can.

Watch your words

Be mindful of what you utter; put thoughts into what you are going to say before you say it to avoid offending others. Say what you mean and not what you think. Avoid saying things because that is what you think they want to hear. 

Avoid having that sweet tongue that is meaningless, talk with authenticity in mind. Remember, you may be quoted at any time or any place. Be able to defend your words wherever you go.

Deliver on your promise

Without being a people pleaser, if you say you will act on something as best as you can, so be it and do it. Avoid shifting the goal post, pushing responsibility, and blaming others for your faults and flaws. Only promise wat is realistic and doable. Do not over promise and under deliver, it kills credibility and the impression that is negative will be long lasting.

Listen with intent

You cannot know it all, be in a position to learn new things always. When you find yourself in a networking gathering, avoid doing all the talking and stop to listen purposefully, you will learn lots more than you can possibly imagine. Have a constructive conversation with others around you.

Manage your relationships

Making friends and building relationships is an art that you nurture, and watch grow over time. In being authentic be careful not to rush into relationships, take your time to understand people around you. Strike a chemistry that is neutral with no hidden agenda. Follow up on further acquaintance, if necessary, that may lead to a more beneficial future partnership if you may. Choose the level of friendships you want to commit to, identify whether your relationship is going to be formal, businesslike, platonic, social or nearer and dearer.

Look the Part

Finally, being authentic is a far cry from looking like a clown who is deemed to look totally unserious. Your environment should determine how you present yourself. Develop your own unique style and step out with panache. Your look can make or mar you; make or break business deal, sign and seal a contract or damage your reputation for good. 

Be You

At this point in time, I can only say that you should ensure as much as you can to be the true you without no strings attached. Live your best life without trying to live that of others. Waste no time copying but be the original. Be happy as best you can too, whenever you get the opportunity. Money is not necessarily the solution to any problem alone, it takes you making that most important decision to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH. Lead by example by the being authentic You!!!!

AVOID being unauthentic by being

Judgmental, Selfish, Rude, Mannerless

Qualities of an authentic person

  • Trustworthy Master planner
  • Sensitive Energetic
  • Inspirational Motivational
  • Forward Thinking Likeable
  • Kind Lovable
  • Generous A Leader
  • Friendly Laughable
  • Approachable Assertive
  • Authoritative Genuine
  • Disciplined Positive
  • Realistic Humorous

Don’t forget to take the authenticity Test!

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