Janet Adetu

A good image is determined by your overall appearance, general behaviour and the level of your communication skills. As a professional your choice of attire, the way you carry it and your overall body language determines your threshold effect. In a room full of professionals and your peers will you be considered to have poise and polish or not?


When dressed in a complete suit, including a tie for men, you are dressed for Formal Professional. Releasing the tie for men or the jacket for women is Essential Professional. Business Casual / Informal Professional may include a short sleeved or polo shirt under a jacket for men or shirt dress for women. Whatever you decide to wear will have a direct influence on you level of productivity. Dressing too casually can impair your image and productivity.



Present Your Line of Duty

When choosing what to wear in the morning, remember to dress the part that represents your profession especially if it is a working day or you are likely going to engage important people that day. If not it is better to be prepared and look on point, never be found wanting it is the best first impression you can give.

Have a Respectful Disposition

If you are professional that meets clients on a regular basis, your disposition, countenance and demeanor are key. Ensure that what you wear shows that you are knowledgeable, approachable, sincere, trustworthy and honest. Respect will be an immediate reaction when you appear friendly enough to do business with. Your manners and behaviorisms will be show cased each time you conduct yourself.

Accentuate Your Personality

Choose clothes that identify you and your personality. Be unique to yourself and no one else. Dress to conquer the world and be noticed positively. As much as I encourage you to be who you are, be mindful of your environs and act accordingly. Your clothing choices will always bring out the true you.

Have Class Distinction and Status

In choosing your outfits consider the garment quality. The way you coordinate your clothing depicts a sense of class and identifies your status. It does not mean you need to go all out to buy something expensive just to impress, I am just emphasizing that you focus on value for money when making purchases.

Fitter than Fit

Size does matter whenever you are selecting outfits. Clothing that is too tight tends to lessens people’s impression of you, while baggy clothing gives people the impression you just don’t care or are lackadaisical about life. Always try on outfits in your proposed size first, ensuring that you try on the complete outfit top and bottom alike. There are times you will not be able to exchange the top or bottom for a better fit as they are designed as one if that happens just have it tailored to fit rather than rejecting it outright.

The Power of Colour

What is your favorite color? Identify those colors that blend with your complexion best, pronounce your facial features and resonate well with who you are. Usually the best guideline is to look at your skin color, your hair and your eyes. As a professional you cannot go wrong with neutral dark shades, mixed with vibrant colors and patterns.

Consistent Dressing

Finally I would say that to boost, maintain and nurture your personal and professional brand identify what works for you and dress in your own signature style.