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Practicing in the corporate world has become a significant part of my career progression over the years.

I remember while growing up I was very timid, soft spoken and dare I say quite an introvert. I was a high performer determined to succeed but constantly battled with bouts of the imposter syndrome. I found this a serious hindrance  to my desire to impact and influence in my spaces, when and­ where I needed to most. Everyone has the potential to be better at what they do, thereby becoming a more successful leader once the Gremlins are dealt with.


Today as a motivational speaker, a professional training facilitator a media host presenter a chartered accountant and executive leadership coach, I embarked on a transformational journey, that would open the door for me to exert my full potential, to showcase areas where I knew I could add value in my circle of influence. 

I guess the tendency was there already but I needed to discover ME. My gifts surely came forward, today

 I am delighted that I am able to give back by inspiring and motivating in my business, professional and personal life.

I would like to share my S.T.E.P.S formula with you that is a tried, tested and positively proven result oriented program, that will make a huge influence that your career requires.


The Dream you dare to live with M.O.R.E. Potential everything, it is time to step it up!

Janet Lifestyle Presence

I know I do quite a number of things during the course of my week. From practicing as a professional coach, to running the affairs and startegizing as the CEO of our HR group, to also having senior responsibility roles as a board director on a number of boards and Committee Chair for reputable corporate associations. I mustsay, I love what I do, even though it may appear like I am a bionic woman. I simply love to follow my personal philosphy of adding great value in what ever I choose to get involved in.

Where I am able to impact and influence, I am always happy to contribute where possible in alignment with all goals set out.

How else will you beable to connect, communicate and change fror the better if you do not show up, scale up and intentionally stand out effectively with Presence.

Here I share a little of my lifestyle presence! In my spare time I love to exercise with a great bunch of fit hungry friends, make new creative salads, meditate and pray, listen to music and spend valuable time in my garden tending to my over 500 orchids and contribute my CSR mentoring young aspiring teenage girls and women.

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